We have welcomed our new staffs (Hannah and Janesha) and new students (Georgia, Cynthia and Jamie) with a nice lunch out together 😉 So nice to be working with a clever and fun bunch !!!


An extremely busy start of the year for Lawton and Dimitra who worked tirelessly to prepare a lot of data for a rebuttal of a paper … fingers crossed the data look great & we will celebrate soon 😉

In between 100’s of litre of LB and growing bacteria, Lawton is having a quick break and catch up on the Ice Hockey games 😉

You need to have some fun !

Welcome back to work 😉 what a pleasure to return after the end of the year break and see your friends and colleagues in this amazing place @LIMS !!!! Ready for another amazing year with a lot of new researchers joining us in 2023.

Happy New Year for 2023, wishing you all the best for this new year.