Karaoke night with everyone !!! We do some serious work in the lab. But when we have fun, it is full on 😉 with some nicely display colourful drinks

The lab has a new mascot: Beau. We love our bb fur 😉

Celebrating the International Women’s Day 2024!! In support of the International Women’s Day, LIMS fellows have organised a nice BBQ with lovely cupcakes.

Lorne Infection and Immunity 2024 😉

The lab had fun at Lorne Infection and Immunity Conference, grabbing some cheeky drinks and enjoying the stunning view from “The Peak” in Lorne.

Smile! What’s the best way to enjoy some conference down time? By the beach of course!

Winning awards is fun right? Congratulations to Dr Emma Grant for her Mid Career Development Award!

Lorne Proteins 2024

Doing our best to do anything to get some freebies at the Lorne Protein conference! Also riding with the boss to the conference 😉