We are very lucky to welcome students and staff in our lab, to train them in science, communicate our passion for research, and hopefully help them build their career in science or outside. We appreciate everyone that has contributed to our lab, and wish them well for the next challenge of their career or study. Here are a list of our previous students and staffs.

Christian Lobos (PhD student)

Chris Lobos

Chris completed a Master’s Degree in Biomedicine and Health Sciences at Monash University in mid-2018. During the research component of his degree, he was supervised by then A/Prof. Stephanie Gras while undertaking a research project, titled “An investigation of the T cell mediated response to HIV infection”. Following his studies, Chris worked as a research assistant in the Rossjohn Laboratory in Stephanie Gras’ team. Chris was awarded a Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Scholarship in 2019 and started his PhD in the newly-established Gras Laboratory. In 2021, Chris moved to La Trobe University with Stephanie’s lab to continue his PhD.

Chris’ research interests revolve around anti-viral immunity and HIV.

Outside the lab, Chris enjoys live music, spending time with his friends and family, and a well-made drink.

Twitter @dollarstoreDR

Lekh Regmi (Masters Student)

Lekh Regmi

Lekh is a master’s student at La Trobe University pursuing Master of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. For the research component, he joined the lab in 2022 in a project to investigate the differential immune response against SARS-CoV-2 viruses between vaccinated and recovered people with HLA-B7 (MHC Class I molecule).

Outside the lab: I spend my time catching up with friends and family and am avid reader of Japanese Manga and watch anime.

Twitter @LekhnathRegmi7

Ashleigh Hogan (summer intern)

Ash is currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedicine at La Trobe University. During her degree, Ash has developed a keen interest in microbiology and genomics. After completing her undergraduate degree, she hopes to undertake an honours degree.

Ash joined us for the 2023 summer on a LIMS summer scholarship.

 Outside the lab, Ash enjoys riding her horses, reading, and camping.

Dr. Christopher Szeto (Research Fellow)

Christopher was a postdoctoral research fellow working at at La Trobe University within the Department of Biochemistry and Chemistry and LIMS, Victoria, Australia. He graduated with a Bachelor of Biomedical Science with Honours from Monash University and went on to complete his doctoral studies in the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2016. Following this, he began work with the Rossjohn Lab under the guidance of then A/Prof Stephanie Gras for two years and later moved to join Stephanie Gras’ team in her new structural immunology lab. 

Christopher was working on various projects related to the influenza and SARS-CoV-2 viruses with particular interest in the biochemical and structural aspects of immunity. 

Chris spend 5 years in the Gras Lab, and has moved at the end of 2022 to join the Australian Synchrotron.

Twitter @ChorizoSzeto


Ha Pham (honours student)

Ha Pham graduated from Bachelor of Biomedical Science with Distinction at Queensland University of Technology in December 2017, majoring in human physiology and cell biology. She has worked part-time as a sleep scientist at Mitcham Private Hospital. In 2022, Ha joined our lab to start her honours study and worked under the supervision of Dr Dimitra Chatzileontiadou on the structure of SARS-CoV-2 epitopes presented by human leukocyte antigen, to discover new epitopes that are targets for killer T-cell. Ha always had a passion to do research in infectious diseases, especially the projects on viruses.

Brianna Hans (honours student)

Brianna Hans was a third year biomedical student from La Trobe University when she first contacted the Gras Lab to enquiry about honours year. She did her honours study in 2021 in the Gras Lab and worked on SARS-CoV-2 epitopes and their presentation by HLA molecules.

Outside the lab, Bree was working at AMCAL Pharmacy which grew her interest in a career within the medical sector.

Twitter @BriannaHans3

Hannah Sloane (PhD student)

Hannah Sloane did her Honours year under the supervision of A/Prof Stephanie Gras in the newly established Gras Laboratory. Prior to undertaking Honours, Hannah completed her Bachelor of Science with a double major in Immunology and Microbiology at Monash University. During 2018, Hannah participated in the Global Leadership and Advanced Research Program (GLARP), run by the Centre for undergraduate Research and International Engagement (CURIE), and undertook a research project, titled “An investigation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis antigen presentation” under the supervision of A/Prof Stephanie Gras, in the Rossjohn Laboratory. Hannah then undertook her PhD study in 2020, and decided in 2021 to move on and stopped her PhD to edit books and manuscripts.

Hannah’s research interests centre on bacterial and viral pathogenesis and the host’s subsequent immune response

Twitter @HannahSloaneii

Hiu Ming Lau (Peter) (honours student)

Peter joined us in July 2019 and he is currently doing the third year in bachelor of biomedical science with a minor in Chemistry. Peter is also a Monash international merit scholarship awardee, with interests in science include oncology, immunology, translational science, and public health. Outside the uni, Peter love watching dramas, running and talking to my parents overseas. 

Peter has successfully completed his Honours and he is now following a medical degree 😉 Congrats

Peter is currently pursuing Medical studies

Twitter @PeterPretzels

Bonin Sok (undergrade student)

Bonin is a new student to the Gras Lab, assisting the team in their research project as part of the Biomedical Industry Based Learning Program. Alongside this, Bonin is currently in the second year of her Bachelor of Biomedical Science degree, and is an enthusiastic student interested in the field of research. She hopes to extend her passion for science as an Honours student after completing her degree.

Bonin has successfully completed her year and will join A/Prof Sheena McGowan for her honours, congrats 😉

Bonin is currently pursuing Medical studies

Twitter @BoninSok

Hanim Halim (Research Assistant)

Hanim moved from Malaysia 12 years ago. She moved to Melbourne in 2006 to pursue her studies and completed Bachelor of Science at University of Melbourne in 2009. She completed her Honours Degree with First Class Honours in Professor Trevor Lithgow Lab validating bioinformatics predicted transmembrane protein via biochemical analysis.

She proceeded to join Rossjohn Laboratory in 2010 where she mainly worked with projects involving T-cell antigen receptor (TCR) and Major Histocompatibility Complex Class I under Stephanie Gras’ supervision. The projects she worked with used extensive E.coli protein expression, extraction, refold and purification, as well as crystallization and X-ray crystallography techniques.

In January 2019, she advanced to Gras Laboratory under supervision of Associate Professor Stephanie Gras. In Gras Lab, Hanim conducts scientific research while managing daily tasks of the lab. Hanim also assists other lab members with technical support required.

Hanim has worked with Stephanie for 10 years, and even if it was hard to say goodbye, we know that Hanim has some great new adventure at Monash, as she will start working as part of oNKo innate group who are extremely lucky to have someone of Hanim’s calibre to join them.

Twitter @hanim_halim

Shivangi Ganatra (honours student)

Shivangi Ganatra is a Biochemistry Honours student at the Gras Laboratory, under the supervision of A/Prof Stephanie Gras. She has just completed her Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in biochemistry and zoology. During her undergraduate studies Shivangi also undertook a research project, supervised by Professor Colby Zaph, titled “The epigenetic regulation of T helper cells by dietary metabolites”, in the Zaph Laboratory. Shivangi’s interests include T cell biochemistry, and cancer metabolism. Her research this year will be focusing on anti-HIV immunity.

Alongside her research and studies, Shivangi is one of the youngest Subway franchisees in Australia, and has been operating her restaurant since the age of 18.

Outside of the lab and work, Shivangi enjoys writing, travelling, going to the gym, and spending time with her friends and family.

Twitter @Shiv_ganatra

Hayden Robson (honours student)

Hayden is a Honours student at Gras Laboratory, Monash University. He has just completed a double degree in Biomedical Science and Commerce, majoring in Finance. Hayden’s interests include the effects of the gut microbiome on our overall health, immunology and communicable disease, and translational medicine while his research will focus on anti-HIV immunity.

Outside the lab, Hayden enjoys playing piano, drawing, cooking for others, going to the beach in summer and going to wherever there is summer in winter.

Hayden is currently pursuing Medical studies

Twitter @BMS_Hades

Adam Cohen (summer internship)

Adam joined the lab on a summer scholarship for one month following the completion of his bachelor’s degree in biomedical science at Monash. He has since begun studying Medicine but hopes to continue pursuing his love for research in the near future. Adam found the lab to be “an incredibly warm and collaborative environment that demonstrated effective teamwork in action” and “an excellent way to translate a lot of the textbook learning from undergraduate studies into a real-life setting”. Whilst Adam
had previously spent some time in a pre-clinical lab, he “found that the experience gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of more fundamental research”.

Adam is currently pursuing Medical studies

David Marsino (summer internship)

David joined us as on a winter scholarship for a month while studying a Bachelor of Science at Monash, in his third year. He has a minor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and he is majoring in Immunology. David really enjoyed doing the winter research program with our lab because “your lab was very welcoming and helpful“. David said that “he developed a greater understanding what working in a lab is like and also got to see how some of our experiments were designed and carried out. David found it interesting how each process is constantly being updated and refined over time.”